FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Your safety is our paramount concern. We will follow all current UK Health advice to the letter regarding socializing, attractions and transportation.  There is a certain amount of commonsense required to be shown when visiting busy places. We will do our best to supply you as much information as possible to help in making day to day decisions.

We will also be providing all of drivers with a tour COVID Car Pack.

What Is The Brits Job Tour?

A self-drive adventure in Mini Cooper Ones, seeing everything that's Great about Britain! 
The Brits Job offers you the the freedom and flexibility to join our day to day excursions or venture off on your own at your own pace.  Of course, we're biased, but we really do believe The Brits Job Tour is the "Greatest British Driving Tour" you'll ever experience. Yes, it's a challenge, yes, it's an adventure as we push you hard to see as much as possible, but we also give you plenty of opportunity to have time to yourself. So we mix the best a group tour can offer - Camaraderie of being with a group and Freedom to go & do as you please.  We're also very proud to have a significant amount of repeat business with 5 couples to date returning for a second tour.  We believe this reflects on the enjoyment couples are getting from The Brits Job Tour
When Are We Going?
The Brits Job Grand Tour  is in July/August each year. Note, dates change due to the Edinburgh Tattoo schedule.
Who Are Your Hosts?
Your hosts are Pete Stretch & Col McCabe. 
We are both very experienced UK travellers.
Who Are Our Average Brits Job Client?
We have now hosted 7 Brits Job Tours - 99% of travellers have been over 50.  Many are  car club members, most from the North Island.
I Live In Australia/UK/USA - Can I Join The Fun?
Yes, of course you can! You will go land only and meet us in the UK at the Mini pick up point in Guildford. Your home based travel agent will organize everything to get you here.
What Will We Be Driving?
We drive modern BMW Mini Cooper One's.  Zippy, yet economical and great for two people and luggage.  Included in the rental agreement are, A3 UK Road Map/SatNav GPS, unlimited mileage, second driver free and insurance.  Note, drivers over 74 may require extra insurance. Max age is 80. We also arrange a special "any driver, any car" insurance package that allows you to drive any of the cars on the tour, this encourages sharing your adventure with friends.
The tour comes with a standard manual 2 Door Mini One - you can upgrade to an Automatic, a 5 Door or Convertible (subject to availability)
What's The Driving Like?
We'll be driving M, A and B roads .On the Grand Tour we have the amazing driving highlight The North Coast 500 - a real driver's road encircling the Scottish Highlands. We also ferry the cars to Ireland, (included in your fare).  We try as much as possible to keep you off major motorways, except where it's unavoidable, for example, Liverpool to the Lake District on the M6.
Where Will We Stay?
We choose to stay in accommodation that gives you an experience as well as a comfy bed. Georgian and Victorian Guest Houses, Coaching Inns , Historic Pubs (on past tours, we've stayed in hotels that are over 600 years old!).  All accommodation is 3 star equivalent with breakfast included.  All accommodation is ensuite. Please note; London accommodation sizes tend to be smaller than other parts of the UK. NOTE:  All 2020 accommodations are pictured on the home page.
What Will We See?
As well as the best drives the UK has to offer, we also supply you with tickets to the major attractions, including Castles, Cathedrals, Ancient Roman Ruins, even older Druid monuments and the great gardens of Britain. There's also amazing technological attractions plus memorable Train & Boat Trips and of course the very best car museums Britain has to offer.  Then there's breathtaking scenery, quaint Cornish fishing villages, serene lakes, majestic mountains and much much more.
The Grand Tour Includes these highlights (among many others)
7 Nights in Ireland, 7 Nights In Scotland, 4 Nights Wales remainder in England.
North Coast 500 - One of the worlds Top 5 Drives
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo - The one and only
Hampton Court Flower Show - A Top 3 Flower Show
Goodwood Festival of Speed - Possibly the Best Motoring Festival in the World
Royal International Air Tattoo - Europe's Top Military Airshow
How Much Does it Cost?
Brits Job Grand Tour 2020 - NZ$11,499 Land Only Single Supplement add $3,500. Note: All fares subject to currency catch up - prices based on 52p to NZ$ exchange rate.
Payment of Tour Fare
You are required to pay a fully refundable deposit at the time of your booking. (see Book Now page for details).  If the trip does not proceed your deposit will be refunded in full. 
Once the tour is confirmed and we've received your acceptance to join the tour, your deposit becomes non-refundable, and your group travel insurance policies will be purchased and activated. Once we confirm the tour (subject to minimum numbers) you will be required to purchase travel insurance. (either ours or your own preferred supplier) This is to ensure you are covered between payment dates and departure dates.  Payment of the remaining balance is then split into two equal payments. Dates for payment will be confirmed by our Travel Agents. The last payment will include a Currency Catch Up if required.
When Are Tours Confirmed?
The Brits Job Grand Tour requires a minimum of 4 Couples (max is 10 Couples). 
Brits Job Tours are now (since 2019) sold Land Only. Allowing you to fly with your favourite airline, use fly points if you have them and fly when you please - If you use our preferred travel agents they will ensure you arrive when and where you need to be to start your Brits Job Tour. 
What's Included in the price?
Pre Tour
Detailed Driving Maps and Daily Itineraries
Group Lunch Get Together (Sorry, not available to overseas patrons)
On Tour
3 Star Accommodation with Breakfast (Cooked and/or continental) 
Mini One Car Hire. (with unlimited km's, second driver free, all drivers can drive all cars, vehicle insurance)
London Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour
London Oyster Travel Card
Entry Tickets to Attractions See List Here
Admission to The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo, Hampton Court Flower Show, Royal International Air Tattoo, Goodwood Speed Festival, 
End of Tour Group Dinner at The Little French Cafe, Earls Court.
Name Badge, Collectors Tour Scarf & AA Road Map
NZ Heritage/Australian National Trust Membership* see below
Transfers  Where required. Note:**Grand Tour includes Mainland to Ireland Ferry & Return
Supplemental Upgrades
You can upgrade your car to a 4 Door/Automatic (2 Door Only) or a Convertible (2 Door Only) for a supplement fee of between 5-8GBPs per day
Seat Upgrades at Edinburgh Tattoo
From time to time we have accommodation suppliers who offer room upgrades and will make these available to you on a casual basis
Driving In The UK
Each driver receives an AA Map Book of the UK & Ireland
Sat-Navs are supplied free of charge, however we've also created customized Google Maps for the entire Brits Job Grand Tour which work perfectly well. We urge all drivers to acquaint themselves with the Google Maps App. 
NZ Heritage & Australian National Trust Membership
These organizations have a reciprocal entry policy with all or some of these organizations. English National Trust, England Heritage, Scottish National Trust and Wales Heritage.  This means, the card we supply you will gain you free entry into hundreds of amazing UK attractions. Most of these sites also have very good cafes.  So you can combine visiting an attraction and lunch, saving you valuable time and money
The Tour's End.
The tour ends on the last morning in London - Travellers are free to extend their holiday in the UK or venture into Europe, Ireland or further afield following your Brits Job Tour*
(*- subject to return flight requirements). Our travel agent has a range of exciting add on options from Bus Tours, River Trips, fantastic French Canal holidays and much more. Please discuss your requirements with our Travel Agents at time of booking.
Note Changing your return date may add a surcharge to the airline ticket price.
What is the Currency Catch Up?
When currencies fluctuate wildly it is standard practice to have a 'catch up' payment should the New Zealand dollar fall outside its normal trading range.  We have opted to make the last payment installment the 'Currency Catch Up' one.  At that time exchange rates will be taken into account.  If they are outside the expected range an additional fee may be charged.  Our pricing structure is currently based on 52 pence to the NZ Dollar. For every 1p drop in the exchange rate (below 52p), you can expect to add an extra $199NZ per person to the ticket price.  If the exchange rate goes in our favour, Brits Job Tours provides an improved experience by adding to the hospitality, quality of accommodation and/or added attractions.
Travel Insurance. 
We understand how critical it is to have total peace of mind while we're away travelling. Insurance is not included in the ticket price and must be purchased either from our preferred travel agent or through your own insurer at the time your trip is confirmed. The group insurance is based on per diem (per day) rates and details are available from our Travel Agents
Group Bookings
If entry tickets have been purchased for a group booking it is your responsibility to be at the venue at the required entry time. We can not guarantee entry for late arrivals and no refunds will be issued.
Your Hosts. 
Pete Stretch. TV & Documentary Producer and Photographer
Colin McCabe . Owner of The Brits Job Tour NZ company, also the Brits at the Beach Festival Organizer and Radio Station Owner
Hosts Obligations.
It's important to understand the Brits Job Tour is a well organised tour offering a lot of flexibility for the traveller.  It's been designed so you can follow your tour hosts, or branch out and do your own thing - the choice is always yours.   Your hosts are not tour guides.  We don't usher you from one attraction to another, or explain everything you'll see or visit.  It's up to you to explore on your adventure.  We do have a daily meeting with the group at breakfast. You are urged to attend as it's where we'ill go over the latest information we have to hand on road conditions and other last minute changes. Where we are entering an attraction as a ticketed group your host will be with the group until you have gained entry. These attractions for example, The Eden Project & The Falkirk Wheel are booked as a group, therefore you need to be there at the stated time. If for any reason you miss the booking, we can not guarantee you will see the attraction.
Attractions that are admitted by Heritage Card can be accessed at your leisure. Examples of these attractions are Stonehenge, Hidcote & Stourhead Gardens, Beatrix Potter House.  
Even on days where there are no ticketed group activities we will no doubt still meet up throughout the day at either one of the attractions, or perhaps lunch.  Each evening we usually share a drink and chat about your day at our accommodation (most of which have bars). This is however on a casual basis, except for our pre-organized group dinner on our final night of the tour. 
If you have any issues with the accommodations, we ask you to first talk to the accommodation manager.  If you have no joy at that point, come and talk to us and we'll do our best to sort any issues out. 
For serious issues that may occur including personal injury, we will endeavor to help as much as possible, but if the event requires your travel insurance to be activated then that process will take over and the hosts will continue the tour with the group.
Extra Daily Costs.
We are asked this regularly so here's some guidelines to take into account.
Petrol - We budget on a minimum average of 25 - 30 GBP per day
Food - You need to pay for lunch and dinner - although the breakfasts are quite large and we managed to skip lunch regularly.  The J D Weatherspoon's establishment have very reasonably priced evening meals of good quality and quantity and they are everywhere.
We highly recommend them.
Parking - Britain is a country of car parks - "Have you paid and displayed" is now a part of the British lexicon. You need to budget between 5 & 10GBP per day for parking.  Note, some accommodation venues (due to being located in pedestrianized city centers, do not have parking, however in most cases they've arranged discounted parking at council car-parks nearby - these can be reduced to half price)
Parking & Speeding Tickets - Although we hope you do not get them, if you do, our car hire suppliers have been instructed to pay them immediately and charge your credit card. This is due to most UK Councils charging tickets at full price if not paid by the due date, which can be extremely expensive (100 GBP's per parking ticket is not unheard of!) and that you may also still be travelling and not receive them when they fall due.
Entertainment -   The world is your oyster, so don't miss out on something if you really want to go. Please be aware, you can purchase tickets to many of London's main attractions at discounted prices from the conductor on the Hop On Hop Off bus tour.  They also sell, 'Jump The Queue' tickets, which are valuable when you have limited time in London.
Attractions - Although we have included a huge amount, there may be others you want to see, so please allow for admission fees
Subject to Change
We try to be very specific with the itinerary, however we do get last minute changes due to weather and sometimes find out about amazing events and attractions and deals as we are travelling, which we do our best to fit into the itinerary when the opportunities arise.
Contact Us Here - If you have any further questions

Brits Job Tours NZ, 500 Tairua Road, Whangamata, 3691. Tel 064-7-865-9012