FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



We are pleased to see hospitalizations in the UK dropping quickly following the introduction of a vaccine. 


The tour's COVID practices in New Zealand and the UK and Ireland will follow both countries 'best practice' recommendations.  When touring we will follow all current government health advice regarding socializing, attractions and transportation. 


A certain amount of commonsense will be required to be shown when visiting busy places.


We will do our best to supply you as much information as possible to help in making day to day decisions.  We will also be providing all cars with a COVID Car Pack.

What Is Brits Job Tours NZ?

Brits Job Tours NZ is a New Zealand based company that specializes in organizing and hosting self drive tours of the UK and NZ. In the UK our tours are undertaken in hose remarkable little British cars, the Mini. Hence the name, you know, after The Italian Job with Michael Caine.  Get it?


The company was formed 7 years ago to take Kiwis to the UK and Ireland for self drive 'hosted' tours.  It was very successful, with over 120 Kiwis joining us on the great adventure. But then Covid came along and put everything on hold until at least 2022.  So, rather than let all that knowledge and understanding of group travel go to waste, we thought instead decided let's create a New Zealand version of a Brits Job Tour. 


We don't have access to mass Minis for hire in New Zealand, so instead we've opted for a 'Green' approach and have chosen Toyota Hybrids to conduct our tour in.

Our tours offer the freedom and flexibility to join our day to day excursions or venture off on your own at your own pace.  Of course, we're biased, but we really do believe The Brits Job Tour & The Great Kiwi Kaper are the "Greatest Driving Tours In New Zealand and Great Britain" you'll ever experience. Yes, it's a challenge, yes, it's an adventure as we push you hard to see as much as possible, but we also give you plenty of opportunity to have time to yourself. So we mix the best a group tour can offer - Camaraderie of being with a group and Freedom to go & do as you please.  Our repeat business reflects the enjoyment couples are getting from The Brits Job Tour & soon also the Great Kiwi Kaper
What Is The Great Kiwi Kaper?
The Great Kiwi Kaper is the "New Zealand's Greatest Driving Tour"  An experience like no other. A real life movie adventure right through Middle Earth.
We have 3 options for you. The Big Kahuna, both North & South Islands. It's a whopping 40 Days and 5000 miles, but hey, if you're coming from the other side of the world, you may as well do it properly, right?, But if you cant get 40 days off then consider 20 Days and do one of the two Island tours.
Who Are Your Hosts?
Your hosts are Pete Stretch & Col McCabe.  We are both very experienced New Zealand and UK/Ireland travellers.
Who Is The Average Great Kiwi Kaper Client?
These tours are aimed at adventurous souls who love driving. We expect the vast majority of travellers to be semi or fully retired, so an age group of mostly 50-75 year olds.
I Live In Australia/UK - Can I Join The Fun?
Yes, of course you can! We are hoping Australia will be open for travel later this year and the UK folk might be visiting us by 2022, fingers crossed.
What Will We Be Driving?
We have opted for an environmentally friendly car option.  We would love to do this tour in electric cars, but they simply aren't available to hire. Therefore instead we have gone for the next best thing, a no plug in hybrid. We will be driving Toyota Aqaus'. These are Hybrid 5 Door Hatch with a 5 Star safety rating and return an amazing 100 kilometres per 3.9 litres. This will save you $600 in fuel costs on the Great Kiwi Kaper
What's The Driving Like?
The roads we travel are all tar-sealed. If you find yourself on gravel roads, well, you're lost!
Where Will We Stay?
We try to make our accommodation selection that adds to your experience as well as offering a comfy bed. Being a young country means our choices are based on situation and vista, although we do have a couple of historic choices too!
What Will We See?
As well as the best drives New Zealand has to offer, we'll take you on the roads less travelled, while enjoying the best wine and food New Zealand has to offer. The country side in both Islands is spectacular, so we've made sure our customized google driving maps include all the best vantage points for pics and views. 
We will also get you up close with nature visiting multiple nature reserves. You'll see up close, Whales, Kiwi, Tuatara, Albatross and Penguins
How Much Does it Cost?
The Great Kiwi Kaper - can be bought in three variations
North Island Only $4499
South Island Only $4899
Full Kiwi Kaper $8699
Twin Share. Prices include GST.
The tour requires 6 Couples to proceed
Payment of Tour Fare

You are required to pay a fully refundable deposit of $250 at the time of your booking. .  If the trip does not proceed your deposit will be refunded in full. 
Once the tour is confirmed and we've received your acceptance to join the tour, your deposit becomes non-refundable, and your group travel insurance policies will be purchased and activated. Once we confirm the tour (subject to minimum numbers) you will be required to purchase travel insurance. (either ours or your own preferred supplier) This is to ensure you are covered between payment dates and departure dates.  Payment of the remaining balance is then split into two equal payments. Dates for payment will be confirmed at order placement time. The last payment will include any add-ons and upgrades you may have chosen.
When Are Tours Confirmed?
The Great Kiwi Kaper requires a minimum of 6 Couples (max is 10 Couples). 
All Brits Job Tours & Great Kiwi Kaper Tours are sold Land Only.  This allows you flexibility to fly with your favourite airline, use fly points if you have them and fly when you please. All you need to do is ask your preferred travel agents to get you to the start of the tour by the start date.  
What's Included in the price?
Pre Tour
Detailed Driving Maps and Daily Itineraries
Group Lunch Get Together (Sorry, not available to overseas patrons)
On Tour
3 Star Accommodation with Breakfast (Cooked and/or continental) 
Toyota Aqaus Car Hire. (with unlimited km's, second driver free, all drivers can drive all cars, vehicle insurance)
Entry Tickets to Attractions See List Here
End of Tour Group Dinner at The Little French Cafe, Earls Court.
Name Badge, Collectors Tour Scarf & AA Road Map
NZ Heritage Membership*
Transfers  Where required. Note:**South Island Includes Return Airfare To Stewart Island 
Supplemental Upgrades
Upgrades to cars, rooms, attractions etc, will be offered from time to time, These optional purchases will be added to your last payment instalment.
Driving In New Zealand
Each driver receives an AA Road Map Book of New Zealand
The Great Kiwi Kaper is run through customized Google Maps. We urge all drivers to familiarise themselves with the Google Maps App. 
NZ Heritage Membership
We supply all tour members with a New Zealand Heritage Membership.  This allows entry to 180 sites of historical significance to New Zealand. 
The Tour's End.
The North Island Tour Finishes Day 21 of the Great Kiwi Kaper. Those doing the whole tour move to the South Island where the end of tour dinner is in Christchurch on Day 40 with the tour finishing at Breakfast Day 41.
Travel Insurance. 
We understand how critical it is to have total peace of mind while we're away travelling. Insurance is not included in the ticket price and must be purchased either from our preferred travel agent or through your own insurer at the time your trip is confirmed. See your travel agent to arrange this,
Group Bookings
If entry tickets have been purchased for a group booking it is your responsibility to be at the venue at the required entry time. We can not guarantee entry for late arrivals and no refunds will be issued.
Your Hosts.
Pete Stretch. TV & Documentary Producer and Photographer
Colin McCabe . Owner of The Brits Job Tour NZ company, also the Brits at the Beach Festival Organizer and Radio Station Owner
Hosts Obligations
It's important to understand the Great Kiwi Kaper is a well organized tour offering a lot of flexibility for the traveller.  It's been designed so you can follow your tour hosts, or branch out and do your own thing - the choice is always yours.   Your hosts are not tour guides.  We don't usher you from one attraction to another, or explain everything you'll see or visit.  It's up to you to explore on your adventure.  We do have a daily meeting with the group at breakfast. You are urged to attend as it's where we'll go over the latest information we have to hand on road conditions and other last minute changes. Where we are entering an attraction as a ticketed group your host will be with the group until you have gained entry. These attractions for example, Waitangi & The Hole In The Rock boat trip are booked as a group, therefore you need to be there at the stated time. If for any reason you miss the booking we can not guarantee you will see the attraction.
Attractions that are admitted by Heritage Card can be accessed at your leisure. 
Even on days where there are no ticketed group activities we will no doubt still meet up throughout the day at either one of the attractions, or perhaps lunch.  Each evening we usually share a drink and chat about your day at our accommodation (most of which have bars). This is however on a casual basis, except for our pre-organized group dinner on our final night of the tour. 
If you have any issues with the accommodations, we ask you to first talk to the accommodation manager.  If you have no joy at that point, come and talk to us and we'll do our best to sort your issue out. 
For serious issues that may occur including personal injury, we will endeavor to help as much as possible, but if the event requires your travel insurance to be activated then that process will take over and the hosts will continue the tour with the remainder of the group.
Extra Daily Costs.
We are asked this regularly so here's some guidelines to take into account.
Petrol - In NZ budget for $40 per day.  In the UK budget for 25GBP
Food - You need to pay for lunch and dinner, except for those meals listed.
Allow $40pp/day in NZ and 20GBP in the UK
Parking & Speeding Tickets - Although we hope you do not get them, if you do, our car hire suppliers have been instructed to pay them immediately and charge your credit card. This is due to most NZ Councils charging tickets at full price plus fees if not paid by the due date, which can be extremely expensive.  You may also still be travelling and not receive them when they fall due  Note: There are very few places you can park free of charge in the UK, and in most NZ cities.
Entertainment -   The world is your oyster, so don't miss out on something if you really want to go or do it. 
Attractions - Although we have included a huge amount, there may be others you want to see, so remember to allow for admission fees
Subject to Change
We try to be very specific with the itinerary, however we do get last minute changes due to weather and sometimes find out about amazing events and attractions and deals as we are travelling, which we do our best to fit into the itinerary when the opportunities arise.
Contact Us Here - If you have any further questions

Brits Job Tours NZ, 500 Tairua Road, Whangamata 3691.

T: 064+7865-9012 M 064+ 027865706 E: us@thebritsjob.com