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Your Contribution Is Helping Us Make A Better Experience For Our Intrepid Kiwi Travellers.

Thank You

Hello British Car Club Member

If you have arrived on this page, then The Brits Job Tour would like to thank you in advance for the information you are about to share with us.

Please check out the website.  It'll give you a good taste of what it's all about, but in a nutshell we bring intrepid Kiwis half way around the world to Ol' Blighty for a hosted self drive tour around the UK and Ireland.  We drive 5000 miles in 42 Nights and drive all the major 'Best Drives" including, The Lakeland Passes, Snowdonia, North Coast 500, Dartmoor, Cornish Villages Route, Ring of Kerry, Wild Atlantic Way Coast, Yorkshire Moors & Dales, Cotswold Villages, etc and even with all of that, we still know there is more, a lot more,  We know this as fact because we stumble upon more brilliant drives on every tour.

So we got to thinking, how do we find more of them.  Then that moment of clarity struck, the UK Car Club Members will have the answers.  The knowledge you possess and are prepared to share with us will be the cherry on top for our tour, making it undisputed Best Driving Tour of the UK and Ireland ,

So a big cuddly thank you for taking the time to share it with us. 

What we require are four simple details. Answers can be popped into the box below. You can do this completely anonymously or supply an email and we'll keep you up to date with routes we have added.

Where your Hidden Gem Drive Starts

Where your Hidden Gen Drive Finishes

What Is the Road Called That's Most Used For Your Hidden Gem Drive

When is the best time (Day or Season) to drive it? 

Your Hidden Gem Route

Please complete all boxes

Thanks for submitting your Hidden Gem Drive!
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